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Youtube commentator for PC gaming. Crazy bitch. Random as fuck. My Friend Ashley drew the mafia mumble.



This is the Best/Worst Adventure Time GIF Ever
You can’t not tell me this gif wasn’t a collaboration between Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro, no matter what the source link says.

— Why I’m usually the “asshole”.

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Ah, hang in there, friend! I hope such troubles melt away soon and that the Pandora soothes in the meantime! :O (and if not, y'know, I'd harbor you as a felon, s'okay - we have Netflix)
─ Anonymous

DUDE THAT’D BE RAD. Also I do have netflix, we can just share feeds man.

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What's up? Why are you at a limit? :O (whatever it is, I hope it gets better!)
─ Anonymous

Just stressed out mang, and some personal shit occurring and I am trying not to be rude or say anything, when normally I am a very blunt person and like to be honest. Just a bad situation, but pandora is great for that :D

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